Ambode: A Man with A Tireless Heart

Lagos State Governor Ambode speaking in front of spectators at the Lagos City Marathon. The Marathon was revived under the Governor’s administration after over 30 years of not occurring. Photo Credit: Adedeji Olalekan (@stylomedia)

It is true that every administration has its faults and deficiency regardless of who takes on the responsibility of leadership. It is also true that collectivism often reduce the level of errors even though one can’t guarantee perfection.

Again, the saying that it’s when a man assumes the throne of power that is when his true colors are exhibited is a notion that is very common among every individual regardless of their background and status in the society.

In a world where selfish interests, insincerity and ill-treatment has become the order of the day, the current Governor of Lagos State, Akinwunmi Ambode has defiled all odds by addressing the need for proper governance for Lagosians.

Having assumed political power on May 29, 2015 under the umbrella of the All Progressive Congress, Gov. Ambode has grown from strength to strength, bridging the gap between the lost and needy, providing quality education, reconstructing dilapidated roads within the state and providing a standard transportation system in the face of economic hardship.

Ambode announced his plans for reform, one of which was an open government of inclusion which, he said, would recognize “strength in diversity, making Lagos work for all residents no matter their age, sex, tribe or status, something he has indeed fulfilled.

He has shown himself to be a clear leader who knows his onions and has distanced himself from being tagged as a governor for the few.

“As your Governor, I am resolute in my commitment to you; to serve and justify the trust you have reposed in me and work tirelessly to deliver good governance for the collective good of all Lagosians,” said Ambode.

“I am determined to demonstrate that the government belongs to the citizens. We shall implement creative ideas and concepts that will reduce the cost of running government; ideas that make life simpler and happier for our people. Join hands with me to offer new ideas that will pull more resources to cater for the poor and needy among us. This will be a compassionate government.”

The governor’s vision to propagate peace and unity amongst every ethnic group in the state is an indication that he wants a smooth running administration.

Before now, some citizens of Lagos State and its environs were skeptical about his vision and mission for the state but it was only a matter of time before he proved that he is a man of his word.

His performance in the last few months in office is proof that he was not mincing words during his manifesto, Akinwunmi Ambode believes in accountability, responsiveness, participation, transparency, the rule of law and a government that is equitable and inclusive.

“The truth is this; I want a Lagos where everyone can live and work and feel safe and believing also that there are other competing cities that people would like to live and work in but to have that feeling that as we move forward, Lagos will be one of the best places for anybody to come and live and work in and also enjoy all the possibilities in Lagos.”

Going by his 2016 budget proposal of N665.588 billion, he insists that the budget will promote a massive investment in security, transport and traffic management, physical and social infrastructural development and enhance job creation.

Ambode has already commenced the construction of 114 new roads across 20 Local Governments and 37 Local Council Development Areas in the State is also an indication of his dedication and commitment to make the state a place suitable for Lagosians to live. Notable of all the rehabilitation of roads that have been completed or still going through repairs are Ejigbo, Ipaja-Ayobo, Ikotun, Ishefun-Ayetoro, Brown road street in Oshodi, Okota and a few to mention.

‘Operation Light Up’ Lagos project has illuminated some of the dark sides of the state, and that is in the literal sense, creating access to an electrical system that would bring much needed light is also a welcome development from this able governor. The project was launched in January in places like the Ojodu Berger section of the bridge and covers the entire section of the bridge. Some other areas that have been lit up under this project include, Ikorodu to Lagos Island, Ikeja, Oshodi, Victoria Island and Ikoyi, Eko Bridge, among others.

Besides, Governor Ambode’s interest in areas such as improving the education and health sectors, he has  a vision to reduce the rate of illiteracy and death rates in the state.

There is no way a state’s economy can improve without showing emphasis in raising the standard of education of the people, considering the fact that it’s the key that opens windows of opportunity. The need to build more schools and improve the modalities of teachers will go a long way in putting smiles on the faces of the people.

In addition, his determination to ensure that the health sector becomes another key priority for the state further shows the gain of electing a vibrant governor.

He said the dream of the present administration is to have village health worker in every nook and cranny of Lagos that would render service to the people 24 hours a day and seven days in a week. The Governor said his government is also committed to ensuring that whatever is needed to be used as Key Performance Indicators to improve on the management of health care delivery would be employed.

By and large, Governor Ambode’s quest of making Lagos State a free-for-all to live devoid of harassment and pain is not just a gesture made only with his words but a reality that the governor is working on and needs the support of Lagosians in bringing in the needed change.