Denmark Collaborates with FADU in Nigeria on Fish Production for the Foreign Market

FISH1The organization responsible for the growth of general  farm activities in Nigeria has gained momentum in driving the Nigerian economy forward through products from fish farming.

The Farm Development Union in conjunction with a foreign agricultural company owned by the Danish Oxfam Novib will be extensively promoting fish farming in Nigeria through seminars and training to improve fish products from Nigeria and opportunities for foreign trade.

This disclosure was made by the Director of Programs of Farm Development Union; Adebayo Olaniyan, while speaking in a forum organized by the organization. He confirmed the commitment of the Dutch company in raising Nigerian fish farm production to an international standard and also bringing in international markets.

Olaniyan called on fish farmers and other fishery experts from all parts of the country to participate in this exportation opportunity to increase foreign income, job opportunities and also maximize personal wealth, in a grassroots effort.

Evelyn Mere who represents Oxfam in Nigeria said that the firm has reached the agreement of creating the best atmosphere for fish farming such as training and the provision of new technologies on breeding, feeds and other supports such as markets to achieve success in the fishery sector.