The Dark and Light of Boko Haram in Nigeria


boko haram
Exclusive Photo/Fragkiska Megaloudi @Fran221175

The major tumor facing Nigerian citizens apart from the fall in the crude oil price are the activities of the deadly Islamic set, Boko Haram. Many humans who contribute to the economy and the countries general development in one way or the other have been sent to their graves. Many agricultural assets have been destroyed especially livestock that yield foreign income to the country through the export of skin and hide.

The Nigerian Army and the government are putting efforts in place to eradicate them. But their activities persist in the northern part of Nigeria of which they have found easier to penetrate, and spread to other neighboring countries such as Cameroon, Niger and Mali, forcing an estimated 1.4 million children to leave their homes, take refuge at refugee camps and lose access to education. Not to mention an estimated 2.6 million people displaced in total.

Some of the recent havoc caused by the insurgents: 

February 10, 2016: Three female teenagers were loaded with explosives by Boko Haram on a suicide mission, two out of the three girls committed suicide as directed by their instructor, killing not less than 58 people and injuring hundreds at a refugee camp near the Nigerian border. One of the girls who knew that her parents were a part of the refugees at the camp courageously stripped off the explosive from her body and allegedly escaped.

 February 11, 2016: Cameroonian soldiers killed at least 27 Boko Haram members in a cross-border operation launched by the soldiers. Seven soldiers were recorded injured. According to Gen. Jacob Kodji, Nigeria and Cameroon have recorded good success from the joint raids that have been carried out at the boarder since the joint operation started in December 2015.

In another development, Nigerian troops killed more Boko Haram members in Borno after the raid carried out by the 212 tank battalion and 29 Task Force. This lead to recovering some arms and operational materials such as petroleum, Ak47s and one Hilux vehicle.

February 12, 2016: Nigerian soldiers released 275 people that were arrested and detained as Boko Haram suspects. According to the commander of the Northeast region, Maj. Hassan Umaru, the decision was made after proper investigation on the profiles of the suspects.

February 13, 2016: The deadly Boko Haram group circulated a video which contained the killing of Nigerian soldiers, while others fled with the aim of not returning. The group claimed that 147 out of 300 soldiers were killed. This information was not officially revealed by the Nigerian army.

boko haram
Exclusive Photo/Fragkiska Megaloudi @Fran221175

February 14, 2016: The Joint Task Force which comprises of Nigerian and Cameroonian soldiers recorded success over Boko Haram as communities saturated with Boko Haram members were invaded by troops leading to the killing of ten members of the set. 45 people were rescued who had been kidnapped by the insurgents. The villages where the operations were carried out are, Agwan, Bokko Nasanu, Bokko Timit, Dale, Fada Mararrabam and Ngwoshe.

February 15, 2016:  Cameroonian forces killed 162 Boko Haram members in an attempt of recovering Goshi, a town in Northeast Nigeria. 100 people were rescued and over two training grounds were demolished, several weapon manufacturing areas were destroyed and ammunition was also recovered.

February 16, 2016: The combination of troops from the 7 division Garrison and 112 Battalion succeeded in killing five Boko Haram members and rescuing 350 people from captivity in Mafa and Dikwa Local Government Area of Borno state.

Meanwhile, Acting Director of Army Public Relations, Col. Sani Kukasheka Usman confirmed that the patrol team of 254 Battalion raided the community of Kubwa, and rescued 254 people in the village leaving two insurgents dead.

February 18, 2016: Another successful combat in Kwaptara, Mijigete, Garin Boka, Mosole, Ngubdori, Masa, Dukje, Guluma in Dakwa and Bama Local Government Area of Borno state with an army attack that caused the death of an unspecified amount of insurgents with 195 people rescued.

The troops also recovered livestock such as cows which are 300 in number, 130 goats and 200 sheep. Operational materials such as 2 logistic trucks, 180 motorcycles, 750 bicycles and electric generators were recovered as well.

boko haram
Exclusive Photo/Fragkiska Megaloudi @Fran221175

It is important to mention that atrocities have been reported on both sides; the Nigerian Armed Forces and Boko Haram insurgents have both been implicated in questionable activities.

Amnesty International Paints a Different Tale of Military Operations

Amnesty International’s report on the Nigerian army’s task force to dismantle the Boko Haram Terrorist Group outlines mass executions are ordered for the sake of “counter-insurgency”, and the Nigerian army repeatedly carried out extrajudicial executions. In addition, it was reported that the military randomly picks out men in various locations, sets them aside, and calls them Boko Haram!