Explosives Planted at Police Station in Yola; is Boko Haram to Blame?


As reported by the Associated Press earlier today a bomb blast went off at police headquarters in Adamawa State. With varying reports on what exactly occurred and if Boko Haram was involved we received some reputable commentary from our source who is very involved in helping internally displaced people in the region and has experienced the affects of bomb attacks personally.

Via a Reputable Source:

The government claims that the explosion was caused by accident. They claim they had stocked some explosive devices – they didn’t defuse the devices properly – in order to destroy them and accidentally they exploded. Many people were dead. In my opinion this is bullshit. There was an attack but they will never admit that BH [Boko Haram] hit the police headquarters. In November, when I was in Yola there was another suicide bomb in Jimeta – in the market. It happened one hour after I had left the market. I heard the explosions and shooting but the government insists there was no shootings in that instance either.