Federal Government Applauds Northern States Over Solar Energy Commitment

Solar EnergyThe interest of investors, especially manufacturing concepts, always depends on the buoyancy of the electricity supply in the environment.

Unemployment can majorly and effectively be addressed with the aid of manufacturing companies bringing in jobs. But an increased job market, specifically in the electricity supply sector works in tandem with the dependability of the supply.This is a major challenge that has subdued the development of Nigerian’s economy in the northern region, despite the fact that their are raw materials and resources available for industrial growth such as agricultural products.

The present government in most of the Northern states in Nigeria has now centered their focus in addressing the problem of electricity in the area. Speaking with The Minister of State for Power, Works and Housing; Mustapha Shehuri in Abuja, Jigawa state Deputy Governor, Alhaji Ibrahim Hassan made it known that the state has a plan with a private firm for the construction of a solar energy system that is capable of generating 80 megawatts.

Shehuri commended the move by the northern leaders and vowed that the Federal Government would lend their support to implement the project as soon as possible.

In another development, Kastina State also started the process of constructing a solar plant that will supply 125 megawatts in Kankia through the assistance of a German company, Nova Solar Power under the Public Private Partnership Agreement, (PPPA).