Babangida Joins Fellow Nigerians in the Inquisitive Demand of Aso-rock Landlord

aso rockSince Nigeria obtained her independence in the year 1960, the ultimate plan was to have the Federal capital territory in the area where the dividend of power can be shared due to the non-homogeneous nature of Nigeria’s myriad ethnicities.

Port Harcourt and Lagos was the first area that benefited from the title of Federal territory due to the population and popularity gained by those areas during the slave trade and the era of colonial masters. However, the construction of Aso-rock’s foundation in Abuja was already in place a few years after independence. The land space which extends to the south of Zuma rock perfectly assumed the center of Nigeria with beautiful natural features that could also represent the identity of the nation.

The permanent structure of the Federal Capital Territory was completed by Air Vice-Marshal Hamza Abdullahi (rtd) as Minister of Works and Housing for the FCT during the regime of General Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida in the year 1989. The Federal Capital Territory was then officially moved to Abuja on December 12, 1991 by Babangida.

The cost of the move, which included Aso-Rock, was equivalent to N30.8 million and included in the 2016 budget as payment of Aso Rock rent. Many Nigerians including the former President Olusegun Obasanjo reacted to that part of budget as an ugly scene which was not expected from this administration by demanding payment of rent from Nigeria over its own property.

Meanwhile, the only thing that many Nigerians were interested to know was who exactly will receive the payment of rent for the Federal Capital Territory. While reacting to the situation, General Babangida said ” I built Aso Rock and moved the Federal Capital Territory from Lagos to Abuja as part of the nations property…now I want to know who suddenly became the landlord of the building I constructed”.

In further developments, President Muhammadu Buhari sacked some DGs in the budget office and displaced others due to the embarrassment faced by his administration on inappropriate components discovered in the budget for this year 2016.