Exclusive: ‘Should Oliseh Have Been Appointed From the Beginning’ – Onigbinde

Photo Credit: The Nation Nigeria

Former CAF and FIFA Technical instructor, Festus Adegboye Onigbinde says the decision of the Nigerian Football Federation’s technical committee to resign their position is not in the interest of Nigerian football.

The members had thought that Super Eagles coach, Sunday Oliseh should have to face the wrath of the NFF for downgrading them and touting them as “insane” in his youtube tirade.

Onigbinde, who took the national team to the 2002 FIFA World Cup in Japan/Korea where the team did not make it past the group stage, revealed that the right thing should be done for the development of football in Nigeria.

”This is the foundation of our football problems; the position of our technical committee. Whether we like it or not, football is a prime matter and so the technical committee is supposed to be the central committee” Onigbinde said.


”The President, the Clerk and the messenger are all there to service the product of the technical committee…the right position starts from the composition of the committee itself. We knew the behavior of this young man [Oliseh] even when he [Oliseh] was just the captain of the national team” Onigbinde continued.

”Remember Mali (AFCON 2002), he [Oliseh] came down as the leadership of the team and was insulting the Minister [Sports], is this not a continuation? You [NFF] didn’t consider that when you [NFF] were employing him[Oliseh] ; that’s number one. Number two, what was the depth of his [Oliseh] experience? He [Oliseh] has not coached a major club, he [Oliseh] has not coached any national team and you now want him [Oliseh] to perform experiments, to learn using the Nigerian national team; that is why I feel hurt. So these are the reasons why I asked – should he [Oliseh] have been appointed at all from the beginning?”