Agriculture Minister Suggests Cassava as the Rescue Option for the Nigerian Economy

CASAVACassava is a crop which depends on the stem for its propagation, but the yield comes from the root as tuber. And cassava tuber are used in making some local food commodities, which are preservable for an averagely long period of time. These include: gari, fufu, lafu and pupuru flour.

However, its also a very good option in making flours for baking finished foods such as bread, making of biscuits and other snacks. Cassava is also a vital component for the manufacture of beers in breweries.

The improvement to this valuable crop has been limited to local consumption for a very long time since the price of crude oil was sufficient for the government to depend on. Nigeria even spends N635 billion ( approximately $3.2) for the importation of rice and wheat instead of developing local options to reduce foreign expenses, annually.

The Minister of Agriculture; Comfort Doyin Awe disclosed that cassava can not be exported for this commercial purpose as the quantity and the quality of its production does not encourage exportation at of the moment.

Awe suggests that if cassava can be actively invested in, in terms of fertilizer, farm machinery and empowerment of the farmers through a new scheme with the support of the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, cassava will rescue Nigeria from the one way economy that has been frustrated by the downfall of crude oil prices.