A Night of Two Tales, Ayọ

Freedom Park. Photo/BBC news

By Babatunde Odubanwo

The night billows in the echoes of rich sounds of aura, humor and savor as dancers thrilled the audience to unforgettable and salted excitement. As customary, new spectators were called onto the platform to dance to the DJ’s tunes.

FOOTPRINTS OF DAVID, the troupe with the mantra “catch them young” with a profound indigenous folk song “ago onile ile yi”” , a Yoruba reverence of guests was the first act, doling sonorous rhythm and enigmatic dance-steps that called for thunderous applause.

The next act – an orator gives an insight telling the fables of how his fathers danced with Ahmadioha (god of thunder), how mothers danced with osun (goddess of fertility) and how the bata (a drum) has aided the atilogwu (cultural dance) as a continued source of joy to every living being.

The Venue was Freedom Park, LAGOS – Nigeria’s premier heritage park that is highly reputable for all sociocultural activities with proclivity for all-around unadulterated entertainment and information.

Next up was the last performance for the night by CROWN TROUPE OF AFRICA with a melancholic piece that be-riddles the agony of the black race, featuring also the Sisyphean manacle that has a behest on the African Soil. The story dramatized by a dramatist wearing physiognomy of horror, the lost identity and apathy disposed by fellow countrymen towards one another and the prayer for onward exodus to the African canaanland.

Babatunde Odubanwo is a Lagos based freelance journalist and poet. He is a lover and fan of all things travel, art and Nigeria.