Vivid Verses

Photo: Omenka Online

By Babatunde Odubanwo

It is no longer news that the budding entertainment industry is making major headway, with achievements ranging from film making, music production, theater and dance. These acts have significantly distinguished their roles in ejecting Nigerian society with jubilee and contribute, perhaps, to nation-building.

Spoken-word poetry is also a vivacious bud sprouting against all odds. It is a genre of writing and literature which has not been well popularized due to paucity of publicity and/or a ubiquitous apathy towards poetry. Many are of the opinion that it is difficult to unravel the mystic figures of speech and phrases in spoken word.

This may just be a delusion, which is devoid of clarity, because the writer and poet seeks not to confuse the readers’ comprehension, not in the very least, but to ameliorate their discerning prowess and render with their quill: opium to any ravaging odium.

The power of spoken word breaks possible debacles in politics, daily life and the struggles of war and famine, whilst the artist sees it as an opportunity to dole out his lines without restraint.

This is the objective of the oil that lubricates the wheels of Vivid Verses, a radio program curated by poet and art enthusiast; Ayokunle Komolafe.

In his words, ‘Vivid Verses was born out of my love for poetry and believing that poetry should be given its rightful place in society. I thought, why can’t we also have it on radio and television as a regular program, this made me decide to create Vivid Verses as an avenue to showcase poetry in mass media.

Spanning over five years, the program has been successfully aired on radio stations Metro 97.7 fm between 11: 15 am to 11:30 am and Rhythm 93.7 fm between 7:45 pm to 8:00 pm both domiciled in the city of Lagos. All in a bid to take this art to the next level through showcasing talented poets, who apart from presenting their poems to over a million homes, also laid bare their perception on what the act is all about.

As it stands the spoken word poetry genre is still growing and there is still a lot to be done in setting it in the envisaged perspective, the connoisseur of Vivid Verses had this to say; “If everyone abides in what he can do well instead of trying to do everything alone, I believe we can harness the power of togetherness to make poetry the next big thing in Nigeria”.

Babatunde Odubanwo is a Lagos based freelance journalist and poet. He is a lover and fan of all things travel, art and Nigeria.