DSS Security Forces Foil ISIS Recruitment Plans in Northern Nigeria

DSSOne of the major problems facing the nation in terms of solving the complex issue of terrorism, is the ability to curb the “secret channels” created by insurgents in the country. Boko Haram is able to have a long-time operation in Nigeria due to their roots, which have germinated beyond recognition within the northern part of the country.

Recently, another notorious Islāmic group known as ISIS or ISIL has also gained their entry into Nigeria. It was confirmed that the group had a representative in the country whose aim was to lure innocent youth to join the deadly Islāmic set through enticement of riches and religious deceit.

The ISIS recruiter who was identified as Abdussalam Yunusa Enesi, is a 400 level student of the Federal University of Science and Technology in Minna, Niger state studying information and media technology he succeeded in recruiting a reasonable number of Nigerian youth for the Islāmic group.

Some of the recruited members are; Mohammed Rabi’u, Yahaya Momoh Jimoh and Zainab Sunday.

Meanwhile, the Department of State Security (DSS), was able to arrest the recruiter and his members in Kano on their way to Libya for training through sensitive information provided by Niger state. In a statement by the DSS official, Tony Opuiyo, “Yunusa was recruited by the Iraqi and Syrian terrorists groups alongside Abubakar Ligali and Ibrahim Jihad who are presently receiving training in Libya. Yunusa also told DSS that he did receive funds to promote his operations from a Abu-sa’ad Al Sudani through Western Union.

In further developments, Ibrahim Mohammed Daura was arrested in Kastina state together with Zaharadeen Salisu as they were planing their movement to Libya for terrorism training as well.