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Sometimes it takes a destination to shift you from your current location and to reignite your love or better yet to find it…

Every year for one day, lovers and plain old admirers have a legitimate reason to go above and beyond to show, tell and make you believe in love, again. This year it’s no different, as streets are filled with red balloons and store fronts with “lovey dovey” displays. Whether you are on a budget or just Kanye extravagant, there are few destinations for you and your love all around the world to note this Valentine’s Day.

Istanbul1. Istanbul Turkey: Perhaps you’ve been in love forever and love that you have history but are looking forward to the future. Istanbul a historic city merged with modern-day advancement is the perfect getaway. From age-old massage routines to contemporary art galleries. The city has over a million things to do with the one you love. Do make sure to stop by the Bosphorus Bridge and kiss while the sun sets.


2. Florence, Italy: Ask Kanye, the city would make for the perfect proposal and consummation destination. Take a walk from enoteca to enoteca while wine tasting or shop scents from the 600 year old pharmacy. No matter what, the city promises life long memories to take home.


3. Santorini, Greece: Said to be the birth place of western civilization, this island has an amazing line up of activities lovers can take in together, from seaside dinners, helicopter tours to couples massages. Most importantly, you can capture your time there with a private photo shoot while you discover the ancient island.

Dar Hanane, Marrakech, Morocco

4. Marrakech, Morocco: From fine dining to belly dances at dusk. This is a destination for couples who are yearning for a more relaxed and intimate experience.


5. Rio, Brazil: Art enthusiast couples would love Rio, from the semblance to Paris by way of the National Museum of Fine Arts being modeled after Versailles. The spaceship-like contemporary art museum (Museu de Arte Contemporanea) is also something worth seeing.

seychelles6. Seychelles: For some peace and quiet, try a trip to Seychelles in Eastern Africa. Lie by the surreal beaches and load up on the seaside buffets.


7. Zanzibar, Tanzania: Get lost with your loved ones on an African island or take long walks engulfed by wildlife on the mainlands. Either way you are able to switch up from adventure to pure relaxation in Zanzibar.


+1. Coconut Beach Lagos: Take a long drive with a curated playlist of your favorite songs up Badagry. Coconut Beach is one of the nicest beaches in Lagos, sip a ton of coconut juice with the beautiful scenery as your backdrop. Pack a basket of food, a blanket and your lover.

I hope everyone has a memorable Valentine’s and remember you don’t need just one day to show them you love ’em!

Happy Valentine’s day!