Chinese Government Confirms Nigeria has the Largest Engineering Market


Nigeria is a country that always drives all her angles of daily procedure towards technology as innovated by the engineers of this generation. Nigeria also leads other fellow Africans in using their technological influence to determine transparent steps for emerging leaders to move Nigeria and Africa forward.

A statement by Charge d’affaires (loosely translated as head of caseload) of the Chinese Embassy in Nigeria, Qin Jian confirmed that Nigeria remains the largest consumer engineering service for China in the whole world. He explained that Nigeria is the major investment ground for every engineering and technological company from China.

While marking the 45th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Nigeria and China, the Chinese embassy stressed that their country has enjoyed mutual growth from Nigeria as a result of political trust which enhances rapid economical fruitfulness between the two nations.

In further developments, Jian disclosed that the new Chinese leadership is inspired in investing in Africa as a major cooperative continent of which Nigeria is the most fast growing economical country.

Nigeria has now become the largest engineering market, second to the largest export market in Africa and also third to the largest trading partner to the Chinese market.

President Buhari in Accord with President Xi

A common view was shared between President Buhari and President Xi in New York recently. The two leaders discussed on how they will promote bilateral cooperation and common concerns in terms of the future growth of Nigerian-Chinese relations. This lead to the assurance of improving the Nigerian economy with the strength of involvement of the Asian market to develop other sectors which will add significant yield to Nigerian income.