Valentine’s Day Nigerian Style

valentine's dayNigerians throughout the country celebrate Valentine’s Day. Similar to Christmas, and specific to the southern region, Lagos is punctured by decorations highlighting the holiday of love. With a short stroll or drive around the city its hard to miss the white, red and pink all over.

More than a holiday, but a day for a potential revenue peak, hoteliers, restaurant owners with both high-end cuisine and comfort food, bars and clubs promote Valentine’s packages to wield patrons.

Valentine’s day like any other holiday, is also seasoned with heavier traffic, so if you happen to be on visit or trying to put together last-minute arrangements for your loved ones, get on the road as early as possible.

Nigerian men be forewarned for your Naija babe you need not buy the simple things like chocolates or flowers. As blogger Cara Harshman summed it up on her blog North of Lagos, suitable gifts in Nigeria are the three C’s: cakes, cell phones and cars.

Nigerians’ take cake baking to another level, especially for Vals. Heart shaped molds with perfectly smoothed fondant icing, covered with red and pink piping, maybe even a personalized message on top. A brand new cell phone is a delight to any gal any time of the year but for Valentine’s day it will sure be an extra special surprise for her.

Ladies, don’t skimp on your man either, the latest designer trends, a designer watch, or a new cellphone for him would be equally appreciated.

Obviously cars are the creme de la creme of Valentine’s Day gifts no matter where you are. Enough said.

Valentine’s Day, also known as Saint Valentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine is affectionately called Val’s day on the streets of Nigeria. This year the holiday will be observed on a Sunday.

Whatever you can afford, wherever you are, remember to share love and care.