Laolu Senbanjo Shares Spiritual Experiences Through his Art

Laolu Senbanjo

“The Sacred Art of the Ori is a Spiritually Intimate Experience. It’s Cathartic for both me and my Muse. We Connect Our Minds, Bodies, and Souls on A Higher Level. I paint their Spirit and Soul from that Connection. It Breathes Life into Us Both. ”

— Laolu

For Laolu Senbanjo, a Nigerian born-Brooklyn based artist, who refers to his work as “Afromysterics” – a term he coined to mean the mystery of African thought pattern. This current project captures the artist’s reoccurring “afromysterics” aesthetic by using different muses and their individual energy to create patterns on the body that celebrate African spirituality.


“Ori” means essence in Yoruba. The sacred art of Ori is the capturing of one’s essence through art. An experience Laolu describes as spiritual and intimate lasting anywhere from two to six hours. Laolu’s subjects for the Ori project are culled from an interest page on his website, where by signing up you invite the artist in and you become the muse.


Allowing the artist to create art inspired by the essence of your soul with your body as the canvas is an opportunity to be enveloped in a unique and elaborate experience. The hours long process is captured in a time-lapse while allowing artist and muse to share an intimate experience of learning, creating and a spiritual journey captured as “The Sacred Art of Ori”.



His recent subjects include Ghanaian singer Azizaa and fellow Nigerian born-Brooklyn based creative Folasade.

Nigerian Born-Brookly Bssed creative Folasade
Mai Atafo x Laolu Spring/Summer 16 Collaboration

Laolu’s Ori inspired project, follows his recent collaboration with Nigerian designer Mai Atafo, where his art was infused into the designer’s Spring/Summer 16 collection as seen on the runway at LFDW, a collaboration that featured a piece of Laolu’s art used as a commissioned piece for fabrics with designs inspired by the woman with androgynous style.

Mai Atafo x Laolu Spring/Summer 16 Collaboration