England Will Regret Losing Iwobi to Nigeria – Arsene Wenger

IwobiThe head coach of Arsenal Football Club has faulted England for allowing the 19-year-old Alex Iwobi to join Nigeria as his national team.

Recalling the performance of Iwobi by the gunners manager, Wenger said “Iwobi was one of the biggest players that wore the Arsenal colors in the win against Burnley during the FA cup, and also made a great impact when he played for England during the Youth Football competitions”.

Wenger emphasized that England will miss the youngster as he has joined Nigerian team. The Arsenal Coach believes Iwobi would have added great value to the English national team.

Iwobi has been a member of the Gunners squad since primary school. He made his first appearance for the team during the round of 16 of the League Cup. His first premier league appearance was against Swansea City at Liberty Stadium as a substitute to Mesut Ozil.

Alex Iwobi made it to the Nigerian senior national team on the 8th of October as replacement for Almed Musa in the 57th minute of the game where he inspired his fans after the 2 – 0 defeat against DR Congo.

Wenger believes that Iwobi is one of the young footballers that has the potential of making wise decisions in terms of his career.