5 + 1 of the Weirdest Things Church Patrons Do For Their Beloved Pastor

Religion is a topic that has varying manners of practice. Islam, Hinduism, and Christianity are some of the worlds leading faith-based practices. However, many individuals become victims of their devotion. We compiled a list of what Christians in some churches across Africa and the world have done in the name of following their church leader in the most devout “Christian” way.

Church prophet sets a fellow patron ablaze

Yes you heard that right, the Nation reported that a prophet at the Celestial Church of Christ (CCC) set female member identified as Madame Bosede on fire during church service. It was gathered that the prophet in his sermon claimed he got a revelation that there was God in their midst, adding that if the woman was set ablaze she would not suffer burns. The woman was unfortunately burned beyond recognition.

Eat Grass

South African pastor Daniel Lesego made his church congregants eat grass. Lesego of Rabboni Center Ministries not only implored patrons to eat grass but also fed them live rodents and snakes. The Citizen newspaper claims he is infamous for making his congregants drink petrol claiming he had “divinely” changed it to pineapple juice.

Booty Kisses at a Prayer Retreat


In November 2014, a picture went viral showing women bending with their naked butts exposed on the shores of a beach. It is alleged that Pastor Udumakalu asked female church members to strip to the bare bones so that he could kiss their buttocks in order for them to find “correct marriage partners”. Desperate for marriage, the group of women are seen lining up on the beach while the “man of God” kisses their behinds.

Drink the Holy Milk

In 2013 a Brazilian pastor by the name Valdeci Sobrino Picanto convinced church members that his sperm was holy milk! The evangelical pastor convinced followers his penis contained the holy elixir and different accounts claim that the pastor had “mind power” over the congregation, that had a taste of the divine milk.

Hair We Go


Prophet Penuel Mnguni of South Africa’s End Times Disciples Ministries laid his hands on a female congregant and told the patrons that God called on them to eat her hair. So that is exactly what patrons did! After the pastor blessed the female’s weave, ladies like the one pictured above got to chopping down on the “blessed” tresses. He also commanded that cloth become their food.

Watch me Whip, Watch me Nae Nae

A pastor from Faith Empowered Ministries of Baltimore City, Maryland compelled his church congregation including the youth to do the popularized hip-hop dance called the “Nae Nae”. On the positive side the pastor is quoted as saying “I wanted my congregation to have victory over the hardship, opposition and hell that is in their lives”.