Twin Bomb Blasts in Maiduguri a Day After Carnage in Dalori

Breaking news from Nigeria and AfricaAccording to Nigerian media reports twin bomb blasts have hit Maiduguri. Boko Haram has taken responsibility for the attacks. The number of people suspected dead or injured is still unknown. The blasts allegedly occurred in the early hours of February 1, 2016.

Boko Haram an Islamic extremist group who wants to establish a caliphate in northern Nigeria, has waged an insurgency since 2009.

This comes after at least 69 dead bodies have been registered in a morgue following multiple suicide attacks in a community near Maiduguri, capital of Borno State in Nigeria, sources at a government-run hospital said on Sunday. 86 people were killed in the village of Dalori on the same day, with the Associated Press stating that some Boko Haram members burned women and children alive and riddled their bodies with bullets.