HRW Reports Buhari Has Broken Promises to Investigate Human Rights Violations

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The New York based fact-finding organization Human Rights Watch (HRW) has published its new detailed World Report on Nigeria in 2015.

Government security forces, including the police are implicated in human rights abuses throughout the country, with little effort made to bring to hold those responsible to account, the report reads.

In 2014 Boko Haram had command of unprecedented strongholds in Borno, Yobe, and Adamawa. In response to the Islamic group, the head of state, President Buhari and the head of military continue to plan strategic counterattacks against the Boko Haram faction but in alarming ways.

Counterattacks are absent from the goal of protecting the internally displaced people most greatly affected by the conflict. Between January and August 2014, 650,000 residents were displaced within Nigeria. HRW asks for the immediate investigation into atrocities that include but are not limited to:

  • Suspects being routinely abused, tortured, and held incommunicado in abusive detention conditions without charge or trial.
  • During an attack on a detention facility in Maiduguri, Borno state, security forces allegedly killed more than 600 detainees who fled during the attack.
  • Execution of unarmed men by soldiers.
  • In June, security forces reacted to critical media reports about the military carrying out a campaign against several media houses, destroying newspapers and arresting at least two journalists.

Members of the security forces have not faced trial, prosecution, or military punishment for violations of human rights, despite repeated pledges by the President to investigate them.