Watch: Arsenal Concedes to Chelsea Defeat at Emirates Stadium; Game Highlights

The Guardian

The Young Gunners defeat was aided and abated by having to play one man down for the majority of the fixture. Per Mertesacker was called off the pitch after only 18 minutes of game play. Chelsea’s Diego Costa is the one to take him out when he goes through on goal, after an astoundingly beautiful pass from Willian, and Mertesacker stretches out his long legs.

It’s the right call. Arsene Wenger is having a good moan but there can be no complaints.

This Sunday’s match was arguably the best game in Chelsea’s entire abysmal season, the games stars included Cesc Fabregas and Costa. Unfortunately, our home glory John Obi Mikel left much to be desired on the pitch offensively, in the 72nd minute of game play Mikel underhit a pass back to Zouma and put an arm out to stop Sanchez from pressing culminating in a yellow card.

However, defensively Mikel did his best to provide opportunities for Fabregas to shine, deflecting corners, and providing strategic blocks to Arsenal’s line.

The loss to the Blues on their home turf marks Arsenal’s first home defeat since West Ham on the opening day of the season and after beginning the weekend on top, they are now third, behind the Foxes and Manchester City.

The most puzzling question for Chelsea fans is why Fabregas who had more touches on the ball then any other Chelsea player, could not have performed like this earlier in the season. The most puzzling question for Arsenal: Where in the world was Walcott?