Kwara State Takes Action Against Lassa Fever


The Kwara State Government says it has concluded plans to organize a campaign and sensitization program in response to the advent of Lassa fever outbreak in some states in the federation.

The Lagos State government confirmed a death after reporting three cases of Lassa fever on Friday. Lassa fever is a viral hemorrhagic fever caused by the Lassa virus.

The state commissioner for Health, Alhaji Atolagbe Alege disclosed this in Ilorin while speaking with VON.

Alhaji Alege said posters have been sent to various local government areas of the state to display and sensitize the people of the state of the type of specie of the rat carrying Lassa fever.

The commissioner said the disease called for concern but reemphasized that Kwarans should not panic of any possibility of the outbreak of the disease in the state as precautionary measures have been taken by the State government, while the drugs for the cure of Lassa fever, Ripatrin has been procured in abundance.


Alege however, urged the people of the state to be cautious and take any patient with acute malaria fever, constant coughing or bleeding from various parts of the body to the nearest standard hospital or to Sobi or General Hospital Ilorin for proper examination.

He also announced the state government is always responsive and proactive to any possible outbreak of diseases.

The commissioner, however, called on Kwarans to keep a clean environment and avoid any contact with rats warning also that the disease is contagious.

Certain studies show that every year across West Africa, patients with Lassa fever are between 300,000 and 500,000 people with 5,000 in mortality rates.
(With information from VON)