Are Ice Prince and Maima Going to Breakup?


Ice Prince faced some pretty salty public humiliation last week, as the media dredged up evidence that long-time girlfriend, Maima Nkenwa was involved in some extracurricular activities outside of their relationship.

Someone who had a lot of time on their hands transposed images of Maima and money tycoon Akinbode seemingly in the same place on her recent overseas trip to Europe.

Ice Prince first backed and then left Maima after evidence of her alleged cheating with “Abuja big boy”, Akinbode, came to light.

It seems the on-again off-again couple is back on, for now, based on a rather convenient Maima snapchat post.

The couple is looking all smiles on Snapchat, Maima shared the loved up photos on Saturday.

African celebrities Ice Prince and Maima on Snapchat