Watch: #DavidBowie the Legendary Icon and Defender of Racism


The legendary rock icon David Bowie tragically passed away on Sunday at the age of 69, after a long and secret battle with cancer.

A statement was issued on his social media accounts, saying he “died peacefully, surrounded by his family” after an “18-month battle with cancer”.

Bowie was an English singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, record producer, arranger, painter and actor. He was a figure in popular music for over five decades, and was considered by critics and other musicians as an innovator, particularly for his work in the 1970s.

Today we reflect on how the legend was an activist and staunch defender of racism in the music industry before his death.

He did an MTV interview more than three decades ago where he called out MTV for not playing music videos from Black artists.

Read the transcript and watch the video that has gained a huge views via social media since his death.