Why Nigerians are in Love with Dubai


Why are Nigerians in love with Dubai?

Dubai has become a travel destination by land, air or sea for many international tourists around the world.

In general, African tourists are the least tapped into tourism market, and Dubai is making a strong effort to change that.

Dubai’s tourism industry has increased its marketing and physical presence in Nigeria with multinational and small to medium-sized business partnerships (SMEs) between the giant of Africa and the “city of gold”.

At Africa’s largest travel market event, this past year, Dubai’s début presence was eagerly welcome. “The African Travel Market (ATM), taking place in Lagos, Nigeria from November 22 – 24, highlights the Emirate’s interest in the continent, with Dubai’s Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (Dubai Tourism) delivering the message that the city is a must-visit destination for African travelers in 2016, Vanguard reports.

Culturally speaking, the people in both the growing Middle Eastern and West African countries are preoccupied with obtaining and maintaining the finer things in life. From theme parks that rival Disney World and a plethora of eateries and shopping centers, Dubai serves as a home away from home for Nigerian nationals and those of the diaspora.

The stunning city has an indelible charm that attracts Nigerians to it with its mind-bending views of luxurious apartments, unrivaled amenities and splendid architectural styles.