Buhari Seeks to Negotiate with Boko Haram Leaders for Chibok Girls

bokoharamMany questions and overview occurred in different parts of the nation over the failure of the present regime to meet up with the December mandate pronounced to capture the Islāmic militant group, Boko Haram. One of the most prominent questions is when Buhari is set to meet with Boko Haram leadership for the return of the abducted Chibok girls.

At this point, 209 girls are alleged to still be in militant custody.

A statement from the leader of Chibok seems to show that the president has totally forgotten the Chibok girls issue. An announcement made by President Buhari indicates jubilation and confirmation of victory over the insurgents while the abducted girls are nowhere to be found.

The Nigerian military rescued 338 people from the Sambisa forest, a forest in Borno State, northeast Nigeria, in their battle to chase the deadly group toward the north-east forest in April 2015. 192 children and 138 women were part of the victims rescued. However, it was not confirmed if any among the victims rescued were originally abducted from the Chibok school, April 14, 2014.

President Buhari has now reacted to the people’s expectations, on Wednesday, in a nationally televised conference, he said that there is “no firm intelligence on where those girls are physically located and what condition they are in”.

“I assure you that the cause of the Chibok girls is on our minds,” he continued.

Efforts to officially recover the girls from hostage were aborted due to failed negotiations with alleged Boko Haram leadership.

Buhari has called on the militant set to provide a vivid and authentic leader for the way forward as the gate of negotiation is ultimately open in 2016, in order to recover the girls and the whole nation from any form of attack.