Kogi Politics: Market Women Want Faleke as Their Governor

marketplace_lagosAfter the confirmation of Yahaya Bello as the Governor-elect of Kogi state, the market women across the west senatorial district of the state took up protest on behalf of James Abiodun Faleke.

The market women and men held posters at the central market in Kabbar with different write-ups demanding the APC leaders to take a step towards justice, by announcing Mr. Faleke as the governor due to their mandate of votes.

According to the explanations made by the women, “it is observed that they all turned-up to cast votes for both late Governor Audu Abubakar, the APC governorship candidate and his running mate, Abiodun Faleke due to the confidence that people have in them as a team we could not come out to cast votes as much in the rerun election exercise”.

The women believe that Mr. Faleke is still the only person that knew all the promises of his late principal.

However, an update from the governor-elect, Yahaya Bello says that efforts by the APC leader to conciliate the party members together has yielded positive results. He also said that he still considers Mr. Abiodun Faleke as his valid Deputy-governor in order to move Kogi state forward.