#Christmas: Dressing for the Season

Zainab Balogun in Clan Spring/Summer 2014

In Nigeria, the different seasons in the year bring out the various flavors of festivities in our people. From the themed parties, dressings and decor, Nigerians are always season ready. Christmas by far is the most festive season in the year, followed by Valentine’s Day, where the color schemes get too literal and families match each others outfits to the T. With all the parties and #Turnups lined up, it is crucial to maximize a closet full of clothes or lack thereof, to look like it took you all year to “GloUP”!

For the Christmas cookouts, family gatherings and friendly reunions. There are simple rules to looking festive and stylish while still making a personal statement.

Here are 5 fashion tips that work for both men and women this Christmas season

    1. Keep it simple yet audacious: With a strong Harmattan season this year, ladies keep it cute, play up slits and sleeves, along with deeper necklines. For Men; go easy on layering, women like to know you can stand the colder weather.

      Nigerian Blogger, Igee Okafor
Nigerian- London-based blogger, Shirley Beniang
  1. Androgynize: Man up this season, in androgynous trends. With long tapered pants, tuxedo inspired dresses and spot the classic man look by adding a hat. Even try going the extra mile with adding a cane to that native attire.
    Bonang_April By Kunmbi
    Bonang in April By Kunbi- Tuxification Collection

    Nigerian-US based Recording Artist, Jidenna
  2. Moisturize: This is not necessarily a fashion tip but this could be the diamond slipper to your ball gown or the ironing starch to your button up. Moisturizing is so important while trying to put your stylish feet forward. The ashy look is never complimentary.

    Coconut Oil
  3. Jazz it up: The festive season is a legitimate reason to glam up, from overly embellished dresses to pimped out dinner jackets. Men and Women have a line up of activities to get up to this season, so be “sway and jiggy” with it!
    Dress by Mofari

    Mai Atafo Spring/Summer 2015
  4. Accessorize: Throw on a hat, a fancy carry on or a ton of jewelry, the season is a time to be excessive, embrace it and serve some EXTRA slay with your accessories.

    Bag by Nigerian Brand, Maju