Buhari Sets New Strategies to Manage Niger Delta Militants


President Muhammadu Buhari comes with a new plan of adding value to the Nigerian economy through the use of the ex-militants from the Niger Delta, according to a statement he made, on Sunday.

The plan is to train the militants on how to make use of mechanical appliances in cultivating a commercial farm for exportation purposes.This was made known by the Coordinator of the Presidential Amnesty Program in the Niger Delta; former Brigadier General Paul Boroh, while speaking at the Cassava Investment Forum held in Lagos, hosted by the Market Development in Niger Delta (MADE).

Boroh explained that the scheme equipped “ex-agitators with skills and expertise that will help attract agricultural investments to the region and also ensure that youths are engaged either as entrepreneurs or as valuable employees in agricultural sector”.

Participants at the forum agreed that this has been the benefit of the resources invested in the Amnesty Program since it was started.

This development has also given Nigerians hope of working against corruption in Nigeria.