Mama T Can Answer Your Relationship Questions


Last month I discussed who I am and a little bit about my background. This month I want to tell you a little bit about the relationship and maybe life advice questions I can answer that are taken from my life experiences and my intuition.

  • Is cheating and infidelity a likely occurrence in your relationship, whether male or female, and if so, what should you do about it?
  • What relationship decisions should I make that are rational versus based on love?
  • If cheating has already occurred what can you both do to survive the transgression?
  • What can I do to remember to care for myself in a relationship or in a friendship?
  • What can I do to be a better friend, wife, husband, mother, father, daughter, or son?

I will explore all this and anything else the readers throw at me. Everything in life requires balance, and it is something we all will strive for until the day we die, no one ever has it all together, but if you may be going “off the deep end”, or just need the simplest of support send your questions over to me via the Nigerian Reporter page here or our Facebook page here.

I will leave you with some of my favorite quotes. Happy Sunday and happy first of the month, a time for new beginnings.

Love needs time and space to grow, to heal, to become something formidable like a tree that grows in a grove. 

Lack of acknowledgment of someone’s fears or on the other side someone’s dreams in any relationship can be crippling. 

Your community, your work, and your sense of self provides a far greater support system than you might think.