The Beverage War: Same Price, Bigger Bottles


Beverage manufacturers in Nigeria are currently at war as consumers are now validating the maxim, “Customer is King”.

Coca-Cola launched the “Share a Coke” campaign wherein names were inscribed on the bottles and cans of the brand. This was accepted by Nigerians as a campaign that connects emotionally.

Last year, a new brand called Big Cola was introduced into the market and gained market share because their product had more volume than the regular 50cl of their competition.

This may have sparked Pepsi to launch the “Long Throat” campaign. Pop artists and celebrities were used to make the campaign resonate among Nigerians. The concept of “Long Throat” a slang used to describe gluttony was used positively to mean more content per bottle as the volume was increased from 50cl to 60cl while the price was retained.

In a swift reaction Coca-Cola has increased the volume of their drink from 50cl at the same price.

The competition is getting stiff as beverage companies are contending to keep their market share un-scuttled by using all integrated marketing communication tools to gain consumer loyalty.

However, brand analysts are looking forward to the next strategy where an eventual market leader will emerge.