The Juiciest Gossip Stories Ripped from the Headlines II

Nigerian Reporter brings you seven of the juiciest gossip headlines from last week. And maybe a few you might have missed from the top of this week.

1. Politics: Remi Sonaiya the first female presidential candidate in Nigeria’s history, whose goal was to change the conversation in a country where politics have long been considered a man’s game, continued to acknowledge on March 8, 2015 in recognition of International Women’s Day that women were still being marginalized despite the change mantra of the present government.

Analyzing the number of positions held by women in the All Progressives Congress (APC) led Federal Government, Sonaiya said only six women were appointed by President Muhammadu Buhari into the Federal Executive Council (FEC). Of the 469 federal lawmakers elected in the last general election, she said only 23 members are women, indicating a lopsided representation in favor of the male gender.

2. Nigerian entertainment: Nollywood actress and former beauty queen Ibinabo Fiberesima failed to win her appeal court judgement that would repeal a 5 year jail sentence for man slaughter. Fiberesima may take her case to the Supreme Court in Nigeria. According to trouble started for the movie star 10 years ago when she hit a Lagos doctor, Suraj Giwa with her car which resulted to his death. The trial, which has been heard at various lower courts, has seen the actress, who was once sentenced to a 5 year jail sentence with an option of N100,000 fine to her fine option being removed altogether.


3. Nigerian diaspora entertainment US: Nigerian-American Omarosa (Omarose Onee Manigault, descendant of the Isoko tribe, Delta State) backs Trump. Yes, you read that right, the controversial former Apprentice alum threw her support behind her former boss, current friend, and “father-figure”, in his presidential race to become the Republican candidate and the future head of state.  She has many in the African and African diaspora community rolling their eyes, after comments she made on MSNBC defending the violence seen at Trump rallies. Stating that heckling protesters go to rallies, which are private events, to incite violence, and in that agitation, if they happen to be harmed, they essentially are getting what is coming to them.


4. Nigerian diaspora entertainment UK: Nigerian national, Luqman Onikosi made headlines this week as a Nigerian student studying at Britain’s Sussex University who was denied his petition to remain in the U.K. His petition denial is not only a threat to his studies but because he suffers from chronic liver disease that cannot be adequately treated for in Nigeria, it is a threat to his health. He now faces deportation. Many Nigerian nationals, internationals, and British citizens have come to the defense of the aspiring economist.

5. Nigerian diaspora entertainment Canada: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made his first official visit to the US this week and received a presidential welcome from the White House. Bilateral business agreements and immigration policy were discussed among the two heads of state but the visit was certainly usurped, in fashion terms, by Malia, Sasha, and Michelle Obama’s stunning gowns, worn to the state dinner held in the Canadian PM’s honor. Nigerians and fellow Africans on social media were here for it.


6. Environment: Oil dredging, and specifically illegal dredging in Nigeria’s coastal and rural communities has made a big impact on individuals living in those communities. This week the impact was felt in the metropolis, Lagos, as a five-story building in Lekki collapsed. A reputable source tells Nigerian Reporter that it is very likely that illegal dredging in conjunction with the lack of an official Environmental Risk Assessment before construction of the building could be the true cause of the collapse that officially saw the loss of over 20 lives. Although, the Lagos State Government has blamed the collapse of the building on contractors who exceeded the approved floors by the Lagos State Building Control Agency during the construction phase.


7. Blog gist: Linda Ikeji is at it again clapping back at the haters with a two-day event held in Lagos titled “I would rather be self-made”. Hundreds of women came to watch the self-made media mogul speak about her professional experiences and impart words of wisdom to listening ears about the to-do’s and to-don’ts of the business. This is in light of Ikeji making headlines last week for bragging about being able to purchase a husband, if she so desired.


Nigerian artist 2shotz took to Instagram to profess his love for his daughter who turned one this week. He confessed his sadness for her upbringing as his daughter’s mother resides in Dublin, Ireland while he resides in Lagos. It would seem that the two have not quite gotten the co-parenting bit down pat as he wrote:

“I miss you so much…it hurts me I won’t be present in your childhood to teach you a lot as a Dad…HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY bubu…with love Daddy.