Journalist Attacked by Nigerian State Security Service in Ikeja

SSSBy Olutayo Irantiola

The State Security Service of Nigeria or SSS attached to the Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) beat up a journalist of the Daily Trust newspaper, Kayode Ogunwale, in Lagos today. This happened at the FUNMEC fuel station opposite Adeniyi Jones junction, Ikeja.

According to the journalist, the incident started when one of the security operatives started exchanging words with him while he was in his vehicle. Ogunwale claims the officer soon began to insult him, making expletive comments, he responded by telling him to stop insulting him. The argument continued until Kayode was pulled out of the car and he was severely beaten by two of the operatives.

Journalist, Kayode Ogunwale, photographed with bruises he obtained the whip of a police attack, March 11, 2016.

In his words, “they brought out ‘koboko’ (a whip) bundled me into their vehicle with the plate number Lagos KSF 69 BV and treated me the way they deal with criminals. I brought out my phone to make a call when they were still attending to my case, that did not stop them, as they continued beating me and they collected my phone.”

“They wanted to take me away if not that I forced myself to jump out of the bus and ran away and left my car there because I don’t know where they were going to take me.”

He advised people to be weary of officers with guns and who beat up innocent Nigerians.

It must be stated that the ugly wave of military officers beating up civilians is on the rise again and needs to be urgently looked into.

Kayode Ogunwale in a photograph taken prior to the incident.