Police Use Technology to Find Girls Kidnapped in Lagos; No Ransom Paid

The department of Lagos State Security launched the ultimate search for the students abducted from Babington Macaulay Junior Secondary School in Ikorodu on the 29th of February 2016 while in their hostels. Reports state that the parents of the three girls were placed under high pressure from the kidnappers, specifically for ransom.  This information was suppressed by the police, members of the community and Lagos state government.

A few days after the abduction of the students, one of the kidnappers contacted Victor Ayo Olisa, demanding N200 million. After much bargaining, the amount was reduced to N20 million which was agreed to be paid to the abductors. With the help of technology used by Lagos state intelligent police and the parents of the abductees, the individuals connected to the crime were discovered through the sim cards of the telephones they used for communication.

More information about the hide-out of the gang was discovered as well. They were hiding in a forest at the back of a creek called Adam in Ikorodu. Allegedly, the parents of the two key conspirators of the kidnapping pleaded with their sons to bring themselves in to the Lagos state police. The police had threatened to attack the zone by air and by sea with a special combat team.

The students were brought to Igbo-Okuta Bridge by the kidnappers where the police picked them up on March 4th, they were brought to the hospital, thereafter, for medical treatment.

37-year-old Emmanuel Arigidi from Ese-odo Local Government Area of Ondo State was arrested as result of follow-up investigations. Other men involved in the plot are wanted by the police as the pursuit to eradicate such crime from Lagos State continues.

Governor Akinwunmi Ambode and the Inspector General of Police in Lagos State announced that students: Timilehin Olisa, Tofunmi Popo Olaniyan and Deborah Akinayo were delivered to their parents having not been harmed and with no payment of ransom made after four days of captivity.