Nollywood Female Film Director Helps to Change Sexist Screen Representations


As Screenwriting Lecturer Radha O’Meara describes the issue of poor female representation in movies has been examined from many angles, from the lack of women in positions in power to investors wary of female-led films. But do the problems start before the cameras begin to roll?

Adeleke Dolapo also known as LowlaDee is a Nigerian filmmaker and the founder of Doreen Media Communications. In 2014 she decided to change the stereotypical and sexist representations of women on-screen by writing, producing, directing, and fully funding her first Nollywood Film Short “Brave”. Her efforts to make her name known in a male dominated industry have led her to other projects both in film and on television.

LowlaDee is interested in becoming well-known as a director not only in Nollywood, but throughout Africa and Hollywood. Her screen love is romance and comedy, of which she likes to portray with a witty touch, she exclusively told Nigerian Reporter that Julia Roberts is by far one of her favorite actresses and inspirations.

Ultimately, how women are described in screenplays matters, because screen representations contribute to the normalization of sexist gender roles in our society both in front of and behind the lens.

As today marks International Women’s Day we hope to continue to shed light on brave women like LowlaDee who continue to strive to break the mold.