South Africa Ready For Davis Cup Challenge

Photo/Tennis World USA

South African team tennis leader to the annual Davis Cup; Marcos Ondruska Van Deer Meer, leader of Van Deer Meer Tennis Academy says the team is ready to take the tournament by storm as they face Luxembourg at the Irene Country Club in Centurion.

The tournament will kick-off on Friday but has yet to see few of the young South African players progress to the highest level despite producing world-class juniors.

This year, the South African team is led by Marcos Ondruska, who says he is pleased to be the captain of a young team.

“I think that there is pressure. I’m trying to help these guys understand that it’s more of a long-term thing that we are trying to build. This is a group of talented young kids, ” Ondruska said.

Ondruska adds: “I think if this Davis Cup team does well and players as individuals start doing well, then I think tennis will become more prominent here and in the media and that will bring a natural sort of attraction to the sport.”