#BuyNaijatoGrowtheNaira: 5 Brands to Watch

Wearing art is in vogue, ask Mai Atafo
Laolu Osinbajo prints on Spring/ Summer 15 Mai Atafo

As the Nigerian naira continues to crumble and as the foreign exchange rates tower higher than they have ever been, the Nigerian people are starting to look within themselves in a bid to grow the naira.

One of the most outspoken senators and media moguls Ben Murray-Bruce urges the conversation under #BuyNaijatoGrowtheNaira via social media. The questions surrounding demand, quality and customer service from homegrown brands are being posited more than usual. This historic moment in the face of disastrous financial times has proven to be a clean slated platform for brands to maximize their value proposition via the digital space in order to make a possible market takeover.

With free advertising under the #BuyNaijatoGrowtheNaira, brands can claim market equity, customer loyalty and above all drive-up sales.

Here are few fashion brands to consider when buying Nigerian:

Gbenro and Osas in Mai Atafo
Gbenro and Osas in Mai Atafo
  1. Weddings by Mai Atafo: Despite the at times gut wrenching exchange rates, this is no reason to put the quest for a designer bespoke suit or bridal dress on hold. Create your dream wedding and look with arguably the best suit maker in the country, Mai Atafo. Mai Atafo takes special care to treat each couple to one-of-a-kind designed pieces and his fashion house is a one stop shop for grooms, brides and the entire bridal party.
Zashadu Bags

2. Zashadu: Swirl in leathery delight by indulging in these handmade luxury bags from home-grown label Zashadu. Utilizing ancient old artisan techniques from local communities. Swap that foreign for this local delight.


3. Dricky Stickman Denim: Trade your true religion jeans and Levis for this new retro religion denim that features imposed art on denim from Nigerian brand @Dricky_.

Oriki unisex skincare

4. Oriki Skincare: Reconsider your next skin care purchase for a local brand meeting global quality, with a line of unisex natural products for healthy skin.

Nodrog.St bags

5. Nodrog St. Bags: Deciding to skip town thanks to the financial crisis?, pack sweet with this homegrown premium bag line featuring classic back packs to man purses with fine leather and impressive detailing.

There’s more than one reason to #BuyNaijatoGrowtheNaira…happy shopping!