Consumers Lament Over Hike in Electricity Tariff


Immediately after the inauguration of President Muhammadu Buhari into office, Nigerians experienced a drastic improvement from the power sector. This happened as a result of the mandate Buhari had given to the firm that is managing the electricity services for the nation; the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) precisely.

The president also made clear that there would be no increases in the electricity tariff until maximum satisfaction is derived from the services by the members of the country.

However, confusion has arisen in recent months. Investors coming into the country depend on consistent electricity. The federal government has somewhat deviated from the very promising beginning that was showcased when Buhari questioned the competence of electricity companies serving the country with adequate electricity.

The problem now is not just the extremely poor services experienced by consumers at the moment, but the tariff has also increased by 45%. Some parts of the country have not had electricity for almost eight months now, yet the tariff was also hiked up in those areas.

Owners of local firms and individuals of the country have been reacting negatively to the decision of the firm that manages electricity. Many people suggest that the Nigerian government take over from the private body.

Moreover, the impact of consistent electricity encouraged foreign investors while it was owned and managed by the body controlled by the government; formerly the National Electricity Power Authority (NEPA) now called the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN).