Nigeria’s Bisi Ezerioha is the Fast and Furious of Street Racing

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Ndubisi (Bisi) Ezerioha, is a professional race car driver.

He is however not your ordinary race car driver as he builds the vehicles he races. He makes history not only building the fastest cars for sport use but Ezerioha has built and driven the fastest and quickest carbureted front-wheel-drive vehicle in the world. The vehicle was the fastest street-driven, all-motor D-series of its time clocking in with mid-12s at 107 mph.

A chemical engineer by trade, Ezerioha is a home-grown genius. He attended Anambra State University of Technology at the age of 15 to study petrochemical engineering. He later attended California State University, Long Beach to complete his chemical engineering and engineering management degree.

After his studies he diversified into engine building using his scientific prowess and skill.

Ezerioha just so happens to like tinkering with the parts of sports cars so much, he also tinkers with the vehicles laymen drive as well. Ezerioha’s accolades include the most powerful naturally aspirated Sohc Honda engines on the planet involving the D16A6, D15B7, F22A, F18A and D16Z6. His escapades now expand to the turbocharged market with advancing the Honda Civic Wagon, Hybrid, SI, the Hyundai Elantra GT and many high HP twin turbocharged Porsche 911s.

Basically, Ezerioha has made it his life mission to break records and continue to advance automobile parts and technology for all.

The ’03 IDRC All-Motor drag racing champion has a methodical, scientific approach to success. Things you’d expect from a former pharmaceutical research technician, and a guy with a PhD in the works.

He is the current CEO and chief engineer for Bisimoto Engineering. An engineering agency, that as he says on his site is an “agency with a passion for design and developing beautiful creations. We’ve had the privilege to work with some of the largest names in the business and have established a reputation for always bringing innovation to the table with every project.”